Some remarks on massey products, tied classes and the lusternik-schnirelman category.

Pamuk, Mehmetcik


Özgören, Mustafa Kemal (1994-10-01)
General m-step rotation sequences are considered in which the k th rotation (k = 1, 2, ..., m) takes place about an axis whose unit vector is specified with its components in an arbitrary reference frame. A theorem is introduced in order to limit the arbitrariness of these frames so that the overall transformation matrix between the initial and final frames is minimal, i.e. expressible as an m-factor product of only m exponential rotation matrices. Afterwards, expressions are given for the angular velocitie...
Some remarks on vector-valued integration
Kadets, Vladimir; Shumyatskiy, Boris; Shvidkoy, Roman; Zheltukhın, Kostyantyn; Tseytlin, Leonid (2002-02-01)
The paper continues the study of the notion of Riemann–Lebesgue integral, which was introduced before by two of the authors. The result about the convexity of the limit set of integral sums is generalized to the case of weakly-compactly generated spaces. The notion of Riemann–Lebesgue integral is used to introduce new classes of Banach spaces. The properties of these new spaces are studied.
Konya Alaeddin Camisi Yapım Evreleri Üzerine Düşünceler
Asutay Effenberger, Neslihan (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2006)
The Alaeddin Mosque, which is located on a hill in the middle of modern Konya, is one of the most problematical monuments of the Seljuk Anatolia. It has suffered from several restorations and almost lost of its original substance. Its irregular prayer hall shows the following parts (from east to west): a hypostyle hall, a central unit with a mihrap cupola and a western wing. An U-shaped courtyard, where two kümbets are situated, is positioned in the north side of the prayer hall. In addition, some wall frag...
Some remarks on Turkish anchovy surveys
Gücü, Ali Cemal (2015-11-12)
Some remarks on the removal rates of H2S within the suboxic zone of the Black Sea
Gokmen, S; Basturk, O (1997-06-19)
This work constitutes an initial effort for studying the removal and/or oxidation rates of hydrogen sulfide at different surfaces of the suboxic zone of the Black Sea. The measurements were made by mixing waters from the suboxic zone (sigma(theta)=15.70-16.20) and from the upper layer of the anoxic zone (sigma(theta)=16.50). The half-life of H2S removal within the interior of cyclonic gyre was found to be twice that measured in the rim current region close to the Bosphorus northern exit, whereas the largest...
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M. Pamuk, “Some remarks on massey products, tied classes and the lusternik-schnirelman category.,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.