Experimental evalution of air-cooled condensers for household refrigerators.

Dirgin, Elif


Experimental investigations of dichromated gelatin films and production of holographic optical elements.
Kayet, Tarek Said; Aydın, Ramazan; Uzun, Ali; Department of Physics (1996)
Experimental Investigation of Effusion and Film Cooling for Gas Turbine Combustor
İnanlı, Sinan; Yasa, Tolga; Ulaş, Abdullah (2016-07-12)
Experimental study was conducted to understand the heat transfer characteristics of film or effusion cooled test plates that represent the gas turbine combustor liner. Two effusion cooling test plates having different hole angles (30 and 75° with horizontal) were used. Film cooling tests were conducted by six different slot geometries. Test geometries were the scaled-up model of real combustor liner. Three different blowing ratios were applied for each test plate geometry. Surface cooling effectiveness was ...
Experimental investigation of pressurized concrete tunnel linings
Kalaycıoğlu, Münci Tunç; Canbay, Erdem; Department of Civil Engineering (2019)
Behaviour of pressurized tunnels are determined by the mechanical and geometrical properties of lining, mechanical properties and overburden pressure, and the quality of contact zone between rock and lining. These factors form the backbone of the designprocessoftunnelswithinternalpressure. Estimatingcrackwidthsanddamage patternsischallengingdueto thenonlinearinteractionofnaturalandartificiallayers. Inthisstudy,influenceofkeyparametersandFRP-fabric-wraprepairingmethodwere experimentally investigated. Eight spe...
Experimental investigation of the rotary table feeder.
Özcan, Namık; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1984)
Experimental investigation of the performance improvement of slowly moving fluid power drives via dither produced by pulse width modulation.
Harb, Salam Mohamad; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1985)
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E. Dirgin, “Experimental evalution of air-cooled condensers for household refrigerators.,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.