Inlet flow distortions on an axial flow fan.

Gürün, Akif Murat


Inlet flow distortions on an axial flow fan
Böge, Ali Cem; Eralp, O. Cahit; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2000)
Axial compressor and turbine stage design using through-flow and blade-to-blade codes
Gönç, L. Oktay; Üçer, Ahmet Ş.; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1998)
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Axial dispersion of liquid in Mobile-Bed Contacting (MBC) was investigated employing transient-response technique with impulse input of NaCI tracer. Experiments were performed in a 0.195 m ID column. Three different packing diameters (15, 19.5 and 32 mm) and three different static bed heights (0.1, 0.195 and 0.3 m) were used. Gas flow rate was varied between 3.02 and 4.05 kg/m2/s and liquid flow rate from 2.4 to 10.4 kg/m2/s. Transfer function analysis of data yielded that Peclet number was practically ind...
Axial flux generator with novel flat wire for direct-drive wind turbines
Çakal, Gökhan; Keysan, Ozan (2021-01-01)
With the increased demand for renewable energy resources, the direct-drive wind turbine generators have been studied intensely in the last few decades. One megawatt direct-drive axial flux permanent magnet generator is presented. The novelty in this design is that instead of conventional stranded wires, the windings of the generator are manufactured from a conductor sheet by cutting and bending processes. This creates critical advantages of superior current ratings, ease of manufacturing, and reduced struct...
Axial solid mixing and the dispersion coefficient fluidization velocity relationship in a fluidized bed.
Altun, Metin; Department of Chemical Engineering (1979)
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A. M. Gürün, “Inlet flow distortions on an axial flow fan.,” Middle East Technical University, 2002.