Computer solutions for circular plates on elastic foundation

Kayapınar, Ali


Computer Solutions of Plane Strain Axisymmetric Thermomechanical Problems
Eraslan, Ahmet Nedim (2005-08-01)
A simple computational model is developed to estimate elastic, elastic-plastic, fully plastic, and residual stress states in generalized plane strain axisymmetric structures considering temperature dependent physical properties as well as nonlinear isotropic strain hardening. Using the von Mises yield criterion, total deformation theory and a Swift-type nonlinear hardening law, a single nonlinear differential equation governing thermoelastoplastic behavior is obtained. A shooting technique using Newton iter...
Computer applications in solution of pipe networks.
Altınbilek, Erhan; Department of Civil Engineering (1973)
Computer-aided modelling of rolling
Savcı, Mehmet Nebi; Kaftanoğlu, Bilgin; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1993)
Computer simulation of substation grounding grid performence
Ertuğrul, Tarık; Güven, Nezih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1997)
Computer-aided optimum design of steel tubular telescopic pole structures
Dicleli, Murat (1997-03-01)
This paper presents a computer-aided approach for the optimum design of steel tubular telescopic pole structures. The author's experience in steel pole structure's design is implemented in a computer program called ODAPS (optimum design and analysis of pole structures). Although several other computer programs exist for the analysis and design of steel tubular pole structures, they are limited to cases where dimensions are pre-defined by the user. Different from these conventional programs, the developed pr...
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A. Kayapınar, “Computer solutions for circular plates on elastic foundation,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.