A comparative outlook on legislative institutionalization : legislatures of Turkey and Iran

Öztürk, Çağrı Tuğrul
This thesis is an effort to study one of the most crucial parts of any modern political system: the legislature. The study of the legislature in contemporary research is twofold: functional and institutional. Functional aspect takes the legislature as a body to perform certain functions, while the institutional aspect defines the legislature as an institution of certain characteristics. In this study both a functional and an institutional route is taken, combining the strengths of both, to come up with an evaluation of the institutionalization levels of Turkish and Iranian legislatures. The theoretical framework was derived from the classical texts of the comparative legislative research, which was in turn built upon the experiences of the relatively established parliaments of the Western world. In order to apply this framework to a relatively different environment, context specific institutional characteristics of the cases selected were given more priority than the quasi-universal concepts and methods developed with the "established" parliaments in mind. Especially for the case of Iranian legislature, the theoretical framework was stretched to its limits of elasticity to reach meaningful conclusions related with the variables measured: the 111policy-making power of the legislature and the level of support offered to the legislature by the mass public and the elites.


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Ç. T. Öztürk, “A comparative outlook on legislative institutionalization : legislatures of Turkey and Iran ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.