EFL speaking anxiety : how do students and teachers perceive it?

Saltan, Feyza
This thesis aims to investigate the causes of speaking anxiety experienced by Turkish EFL students in language classrooms from the perspectives of both learners and teachers. For this purpose, 100 intermediate level EFL students and their class teachers (7 in total) in the Prep School at Gazi University were chosen as the subjects. For this study, data were collected by administering two different versions of the same questionnaire to the two groups of subjects. Then, the data collected from each of the groups of subjects have been analysed. Finally, the results are discussed in order to interpret the perceptions of both the students and the teachers about the causes of EFL speaking anxiety. inThe findings of this study indicated that the students experience a certain degree of EFL speaking anxiety, but the intensity of this anxiety is not disturbingly high. According to both the students and the teachers, personal reasons and some teaching procedures contribute most to speaking anxiety.
Citation Formats
F. Saltan, “EFL speaking anxiety : how do students and teachers perceive it? ,” M.A. - Master of Arts, Middle East Technical University, 2003.