Hydrogeological investigation and characterization of Alpu sector-A coal field in Eskisehir-Turkey

Düz, Tevfik Kaan
The purpose of the study is to investigate and characterize the hydrogeological conditions at the Alpu Sector-A Coal Field which is located in the Eskisehir Province in Turkey. This is required to provide baseline hydrogeological information before environmental impact assessment of the planned mining operations can be done. The characterization studies included hydrogeological and hydrochemical analysis of groundwater and surface water. The spatial and temporal variations in groundwater levels are determined by measuring the groundwater levels in drilled observation and pumping wells and analyzing the pore pressure from the vibrating wire piezometers installed in different depths. The hydraulic parameters of the groundwater system are estimated by conducting aquifer tests in drilled pumping wells. The hydrochemical characteristics of the waters are based upon measured field water quality parameters and chemical analyses of the samples taken at periodic intervals from both surface and groundwater. The most prolific aquifer in the Sector-A is the alluvium aquifer which interacts with the Porsuk Stream. There is a vertical upward hydraulic gradient with excessive pore pressure beneath the coal seams. None of the waters in the study area are suitable for drinking and irrigation purposes.
Citation Formats
T. K. Düz, “Hydrogeological investigation and characterization of Alpu sector-A coal field in Eskisehir-Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.