A methodology for determination of performance based design parameters

Yazgan, Ufuk


Çakmaklı, Ayşem Berrin; Rashed-Ali, Hazem (2022-09-01)
© 2022, College Publishing. All rights reserved.The Urban Heat Island (UHI) is defined as the temperature difference between densely built-up urban areas and surrounding suburban ones. UHI is caused by a multitude of factors including both spatial factors; for example, features of landform surfaces and surface characteristics, and temporal ones, linked to yearly, seasonal, diurnal, and nocturnal air temperatures. A comprehensive overview of current literature and critical analysis of UHI is provided in this...
An approach for detection of buildings and changes in buildings using orthophotos and point clouds: A case study of Van Ercis earthquake
SARP, Gülcan; ERENER, ARZU; Duzgun, Sebnem; Sahin, Kemal (2014-01-01)
This paper presents an image analysis of the Van Ercis earthquake, and demonstrates how efficiently the orthophoto images and point clouds from stereo matching data can be used for automatic detection of buildings and changes in buildings. The proposed method contains three basic steps. The first step is to classify the high-resolution pre and post event Red-Green-Blue (RGB) orthophoto images (orthoRGB) using Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification procedure to extract the building areas. In the second ...
An experimental and numerical approach to shallow focus earthquake mechanism
Sarı, Dursun; Paşamehmetoğlu, A. Günhan; Department of Mining Engineering (1996)
A Fixed Point Approach to Singular Impulsive Boundary Value Problems
Akgol, Sibel Dogru; Zafer, Ağacık (2016-09-25)
We obtain sufficient conditions for existence and uniqueness of solutions for a class of second order nonlinear singular impulsive boundary value problems with fixed moments of impulses.
A comparative study on the strengthening of RC frames
Erdem, I; Akyuz, U; Ersoy, U; Ozcebe, G (2003-05-13)
In order to improve the behavior of buildings and in order to prevent total collapse, necessary amount of strengthening must be provided. The frame of the test specimen (1/3 scaled, 2-story, 3-bay) is detailed such that it has the common deficiencies of existing buildings in Turkey. Two types of strengthening techniques, namely introducing an infill RC wall, and CFRP strengthened hollow clay tile wall, are investigated. The test specimens are subjected to reversed cyclic quasi-static loading. By means of sp...
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U. Yazgan, “A methodology for determination of performance based design parameters,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.