Non-Abelian gauge theories of the Yang-Mills type

Abuhatab, Ahmed
In this thesis, starting from the effective Lagrangians of the standard Yang-Mills, higher derivative Yang-Mills and the Chern-Simons- Yang-Mills theories, we have given the corresponding field equations and the symmetric gauge invariant energy- momentum tensors. Lagrangians containing higher derivative terms have been found useful for discussing the long lange effects of the gluon fields. A numeri cal solution is found for a spherically symmetric static gauge potential. On the other hand, Chern-Simons- Yang-Mills theories are responsible for the generation of a topological mass. In this context, various constant solutions as well as time dependent solutions have been found and interpreted within the region of appli cability of classical fields.
Citation Formats
A. Abuhatab, “Non-Abelian gauge theories of the Yang-Mills type ,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.