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Novel supramolecular ion sensing systems and their application in molecular logic gates

Coşkun, Ali
Recognition and sensing of ions is an important front in supramolecular organic chemistry. One remarkable extension of this kind of work is the application of selective switching processes to logic gate operations. In this study, we have designed selective metal ion chelators for zinc and cadmium ions based on dansylamide fluorophores and dipicolylamine chelators. The zinc complex of a previously reported difluoroboradiazaindacene-bipyridyl derivative was shown to respond anions by an increase in emission intensity. We also discovered a hitherto unknown reaction of difluoroboradiazaindacenes and showed that this reaction can be exploited in a very selective sensing of fluoride ions in acetone solutions. The remarkable chemistry of these boradiazaindacene dyes, especially the bipyridyl derivative, allowed us to propose the first example of a unimolecular أmolecular subtractorؤ. A single molecule can carry out substraction of binary inputs, when these inputs are fluoride anion and zinc cation.