Scanning imaging with energy photons

Emre, Eylem
An inspection system was required in order to eliminate the difficulties which appear during the inspection of the vehicles according to specific criteria at Turkish Custom Border in a short time and effectively. In this thesis, we performed experiments on such a system to obtain the overall performance of its inspection quality. We firstly give with reasons, why the source of beam is selected as X-ray source. The subsystems of the main system are the accelerator subsystem and detector subsystem. Their structures and working principles are studied in detail by comparing them with their alternatives. Series of experiments are carried out to verify the general performance of system in terms of radiation security and quality of images produced by the system. These experiments were classified as general scan experiment, inspection performance experiment, image quality indicator experiment, radiation safety experiment and general performance experiment. The container inspection system studied and experimented in this thesis is now used effectively in Turkish Customs Boarder, Edirne Kapikule and Edirne Ipsala
Citation Formats
E. Emre, “Scanning imaging with energy photons,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.