Experimental modal analysis of a steel grid frame

Kaya, Hüseyin
In this study, experimental modal analysis was studied. Experimental modal analysis includes modal testing, modal parameter estimation and calibration. For this purpose a 4 span skewed steel frame was constructed in Structural Mechanics Laboratory of Civil Engineering Department of METU. The model was transported to Vibration and Acoustic Laboratory of Mechanical Engineering Department of METU. The tests were conducted by cooperation with Vibration and Acoustics Laboratory. Due to lack of experimental modal analysis software in Structural Mechanics Laboratory, modal parameter estimation and finite element updating softwares were written in Matlab platform. The written softwares were executed on the data obtained from modal testing. 15 reasonable modes are extracted from the FRFs that are obtained from modal testing. 59.23 percent consistency is found for the nominal modal comparison. At the end of calibration process 76.14 percent consistency is achieved between the experimental results and analytical results.
Citation Formats
H. Kaya, “Experimental modal analysis of a steel grid frame,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.