A new concept on sampling systems by air cannon application

Yünel, Ufuk
The most important criterion in industrial production processes is to control the required product quality and comply with the standards pre-described for the application during any stage of the process. This control begins from the entry of raw material to the plant and continues with pre-determined points. Mainly two different types of inspection and analyses are used to examine the material quality and content. These are physical and chemical analysis.In most of the production plants above mentioned analyses are made in related laboratories of the plant. Therefore, it is necessary to have 3sample4 to be analyzed. This 3sample4 should have a real 3representative4 property, which must carry all of the physical and chemical characteristics of the material at the point where this 3sample4 is taken.The present methods and systems used to take samples from any required point have some disadvantages and present some problems especially for not being 3representative4. These problems are discussed in detail within this thesis study and aimed to reach a new concept and system with: - Low cost of investment - Low cost of operation - Less requirement of maintenance and calibration - The achievement of 3correct4 and 3representative4 sample As a result of the theoretical studies together with practical application works and experiments, a new concept in sampling, namely 3Sampling System with Air Cannons4 was introduced. The new system of sampling was tested to give better performance and practical use.


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U. Yünel, “A new concept on sampling systems by air cannon application,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.