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A proposal of instructional design/development model for game-like learning environments : the fid2ge model

Akıllı, Göknur Kaplan
Computer games are considered as powerful tools to learning and they have a potential for educational use. However, the lack of available comprehensive design paradigms and well-designed research studies about the question of 3how to4 incorporate games into learning environments is still a question, despite more than 30 years2 existence of computer games and simulations in the instructional design movement. Setting off from these issues, a formative research study is designed to propose an instructional design/development model, which may be used for creation of game-like learning environments. Eighteen undergraduate students from Computer Education and Instructional Technology Department in METU participated to the study. Data collection lasted for three months and data were collected through interviews, observations and the artifacts that the participants produced. After the data analysis, it was found that the phases of the instructional design/development process should not be separate, strictly bounded, and processing a linear manner. Depending on these results and with the inspiration from fuzzy logic, an instructional design/development model for creating game-like environments, which is called as 3FID2GE model4 is proposed.