The effect of peer instruction on high school students' achievement and attitudes toward physics

Eryılmaz, Hülya
This study aimed to explore the effectiveness one of the interactive engagement method which is peer instruction enriched by concept test on students' achievement and attitudes toward physics. In this study two types of teaching were used. These are; (1) Peer Instruction enriched by concept test, and (2) Traditional Instruction. For this study, Physics Attitude Test (PAT), Physics Achievement Test (PACT), Observation Checklist (OC), Teaching/Learning Materials were developed. Physics Attitude Test, Physics Achievement Test and Observation Checklist were used as measuring tools. The PACT and PAT were used to assess students' achievement and their attitudes toward Newton's Laws of Motion respectively. The OC was used for treatment verification. The PACT was developed by the help of the findings from the literature. The OC was developed by the researcher. The PAT was adapted from Taslidere's thesis. This study was conducted with 3 teachers, 6 classes and total of 192 10th grade students in the public high schools at Yenimahalle district of Ankara in the fall semester of 2002-2003 academic years. For each teacher, 2 classes were used in the study. The teachers were trained for how to implement Peer Instruction in the classroom. Students from 3 classes participated in Traditional Instruction group and referred as control group, whereas the other 3 classes instructed by Peer Instruction referred as experimental group. The PAT and PACT were applied twice as pre-test and after a three-week treatment period as a post-test to both groups to assess and compare the effectiveness of two different types of teaching utilized in physics course. The data obtained from the administration of post-tests were analyzed by statistical techniques of Multivariate Analyses of Covariance (MANCOVA). The statistical results indicated that Peer Instruction was more effective than Traditional


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H. Eryılmaz, “The effect of peer instruction on high school students’ achievement and attitudes toward physics,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2004.