An analysis of change in pre-service teacher education in Turkey by using vhaos theory

Somuncuoğlu, Yeşim
This study was conducted to investigate the change in pre-service teacher education in Turkey by using Chaos Theory. The research questions were the following: 1) How did the 1982 restructuring relate to the 1998 restructuring? (2) What were the reasons for the anomalies that led to the 1998 restructuring? (3) How did the 1998 process of transformation work? (4) At which stage of the curve is the system now? (5) What are the possible paths the new model may evolve? The data sources in this qualitative research study were interviews and documents. The 28 participants of the interviews included some key decision-makers at related institutes and some academic staff at 8 different Education Faculties in Ankara, Eskisehir, Bolu, Adana, and Kirsehir. The written documents included some relevant reports, meeting minutes, the proceedings of conferences and panel discussions, research articles, and some articles of four different newspapers in Turkey. A model of ₁Change as Chaotic Transformation₂ was designed by the researcher as a theoretical framework. The data, subjected to a content analysis, revealed that the logic of chaotic transformation has significant implications in investigating and understanding the stability versus instability phases in teacher education affairs in Turkey; roughly 1950s - 1970 (evolution and stability), 1970s (disequilibrium and turbulence), 1982 ₆ early 1990s (₁forced stability₂), and mid-1990s to 1998 (turbulence and transformation) are significant phases in this sense. The data also revealed that the reasons for the anomalies that led to the 1998 restructuring were in both program and administrative issues. Further, the process of transformation in 1998 was ₁self-organization.₂ It is found that presently the 1998 model is perceived as not yet institutionalized; the achievements in program issues realigned teacher


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Y. Somuncuoğlu, “An analysis of change in pre-service teacher education in Turkey by using vhaos theory,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2003.