A technostructure proposal for online delivery of stps graduate program

Deli, Fatma
The purpose of this thesis is finding out whether offering an Online STPS Graduate Program with a tuition fee is feasible or not. Firstly, definition and brief history of distance education is given. Secondly, distance education applications in the world and in Turkey are studied. The main part of the thesis is the cost analysis made about the online delivery of STPS Graduate Program. The cost items of offering an online course are determined and then specific cost values are assigned to these items. By determining the cost items and related cost values, course development cost is calculated. In the course development cost calculation, fixed and variable costs are seperated. Fixed cost are the set-up costs that do not depend on any variable. Variable costs on the other hand are the costs that change with the number of students attending to the online course. A specific price value ( 100Þ ) is assigned as the tuition fee for one credit hour of an online course. At the end of the cost analysis, the number of students required to meet the total cost of an online course is calculated. In addition, a questionnaire made on STPS students by STPS department is used in the thesis. The results of the questionnaire and the cost analysis are combined in order to analyze the feasibility of offering an online STPS Graduate Program.
Citation Formats
F. Deli, “A technostructure proposal for online delivery of stps graduate program,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2003.