Multi-criteria feasibility assessment of the monorail transportation system in metu campus

Tarighi, Amin
The overall objective of this thesis is to assess the financial, technical and social feasibility of investing in modern Automated People Movers (APM) transportation systems, generally known as monorails, in METU campus which presents a unique opportunity to fulfill the modern-day transportation needs of METU campus. This study complements the Presidency Office’s long term goal to integrate environmental, social and economic sustainability into the policies, practices and culture of the university and ultimately reduce the consumption of all resources on campus and traffic congestion and accidents. In this context, the consequent cost-benefit effects of the proposed monorail system on campus life were quantified in monetary expressions and the corresponding multi-criteria feasibility assessment including: Break-even Analysis, Cost Effectiveness Assessments and Cost Benefit Analysis have been done successfully. According to these analyses the overall capital cost of system is $46.5 million which covers the 24 months project construction period, and an additional annual operating and maintenance cost of $2 million will span the 30 year project life time. Three different scenarios were proposed for financing the project and relevant break-even points were determined for each of the scenarios. Eventually, it appears that based on the evaluations, constructing such a transit system in METU campus will be cost effective and will certainly enhance the transportation, and will contribute to the institutional improvements and environmental preservation schemes of METU campus.


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A. Tarighi, “Multi-criteria feasibility assessment of the monorail transportation system in metu campus,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.