Laminar filmwise condensation of flowing vapor on a sphere

Erol, Doğuş
The objective of this study is to analyze theoretically the laminar film condensation of water vapor flowing on a sphere. For this purpose, the problem was handled by including all of the two-phase boundary layer parameters such as gravity, effect of vapor shear, inertia, energy convection and pressure gradient. For this full two-phase boundary layer system, the boundary layer equations, boundary conditions and the interfacial conditions were first analyzed, and then discretized. A computer program in Mathcad, solving these discretized equations, was written to obtain the velocity and temperature profiles within the condensate, the velocity profiles within the vapor, the condensate film thickness and the local Nusselt number. The effects of pressure gradient, gravity, vapor oncoming velocity and sphere radius on these parameters were examined. By alternating the formulation of the problem, the results for the flow over a horizontal cylinder were obtained. These results were then compared with those for the sphere. Finally, the results for the system with Mercury vapor flowing on a sphere were obtained. All of these results were represented as diagrams and tables, and were discussed at the end of the study.
Citation Formats
D. Erol, “Laminar filmwise condensation of flowing vapor on a sphere,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.