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Finite element analysis of composite laminates subjected to axial and transverse loading

Baskın, İsmail Cem
This thesis focuses on the investigation of behavior of thick and moderately thick laminates under transverse and horizontal loading for different boundary conditions and configurations. An efficient finite element solution is proposed for analyzing composite laminates. Based on a combination of composite theory and 3-D Elasticity Theory, a 3-D finite element program is developed in MATLAB for calculating the stresses, strains and deformations of composite laminates under transverse and/or horizontal loading for different boundary conditions. The applicability of the formulation to analysis of laminated rubber bearings is also examined in this study. Since it is very important to calculate the correct stress state when developing models for composite behavior, the 3-D Elasticity Theory is used in this research. Numerical results are presented for various problems with different lamination schemes, loading and boundary conditions. In order to verify the analysis and the numerical calculations, numerical solutions obtained in this study are compared with available closed form solutions in the literature, experiment results and a commercial finite element program, namely ANSYS. The results obtained using the present finite element is found to be in acceptable and good agreement with the closed form solutions in the literature for thick and moderately thick rectangular and square plates.