Coastal scenic evaluation by application of fuzzy logic mathematics

Uçar, Barış
Coastal scenery evaluated by utilization of selected landscape components was subject to fuzzy logic system approach. Based on this methodology, coastal areas were grouped into five classes using the evaluation index D giving the overall result of scenic assessment over the attributes. Within the methodology, public perception surveys from Turkey, UK, Malta, and Croatia were used as a tool for environmental perception in the methodology. The results of the public perception surveys were utilized to obtain the weights of scenic parameters. Public surveys in Çirali were related to demographical information of respondents by factorial analysis. A coastal scenic classification curve was obtained for all 86 coastal sites around the world which enabled grouping of the sites in five different classes.
Citation Formats
B. Uçar, “Coastal scenic evaluation by application of fuzzy logic mathematics,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.