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Design and economical evaluation of sucker rod and electrical submersible pumps : oil wells in a field, Turkey

Ceylan, Sevil Ezgi
There are some alternatives of artificial lift methods to increase the production of oil well or to keep it producing. Sucker rod pumping (SRP) and electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems are selected for the design and economical evaluation of thirteen oil wells of R field. Although selected wells are already producing artificially, they are redesigned for SRP and ESP. LoadCalC software developed by Lufkin and SubPUMP developed by DSSC are used for SRP and ESP designs respectively. For economic evaluation, the rate of return (ROR) of each design is calculated for ten year period. In technical comparison, advantage of higher production ability with lower power consumption was observed in ESP applications. In wells which have lower production than 100 bpd, SRP takes the advantage as it has the ability of low volume lifting. In economical comparison it was observed that using both methods together was given better result. By increasing the number of wells that were applied ESP, 3.61% of increment in ROR was obtained relative to the present status.