A comparison of professional qualities of two groups of prospective English teachers

Ortaköylüoğlu, Hale(Küçükavşar)
The purpose of the study is two-fold. The primary concern is to specify to what degree the senior students of the Department of English Language Teaching (ELT) at Abant Izzet Baysal University and those, authorized with a teaching certificate, of the Department of English Language and Literature (ELL) at Erciyes University feel knowledgeable and competent in meeting the international standards that an English Language teacher should have. The secondary concern is to identify to what degree the methodology courses offered by the ELT and Certificate Programs seem adequate to provide the students with those standards in terms of general aims, the contents and the number of methodology courses.In this study, various methods of gathering data were utilized: A two-part questionnaire (i.e., knowledge and performance) were given to the senior students of the two departments, and interviews were conducted with the instructors who teach methodology courses in these programs.The findings related to the first concern of the study revealed that the senior students of the ELT Department felt better prepared than those of the ELL Department in achieving the desired standards. In the أLanguage and Awarenessؤ domain of the knowledge and performance parts of the questionnaire, ELT students got the lowest mean scores. Among the five, only in this domain, did the students from the ELL department outrank the students from the ELT department. In other words, the ELL students felt more knowledgeable and competent in many aspects of language and culture than the ELT students. Yet, the t-test results indicated that the difference between the students̕ perceptions of their knowledge and competence in this domain of the two parts of the questionnaire is not statistically significant. In the other domains, أLearning, Teaching, Assessment, and Classroom Environmentؤ of the knowledge and
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H. Ortaköylüoğlu, “A comparison of professional qualities of two groups of prospective English teachers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.