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A study on social and affective dimensions of the use of assisted reproduction technology (art) by women in Turkey

Üner, Özge
This thesis aims to discuss the concept of Assisted Reproduction Technology and its social and affective impacts. Women will be at the center of this research as it has been thought that emotional stressors are mostly effective on them. In the present work, an investigation will be carried out among women who have used assisted reproduction technology methods and women who are able to reproduce and conceive أnaturallyؤ. The comparison of these two groups will illuminate problematical aspects of assisted reproduction technology. The research will be based on two sets of questionnaires designed for each group of women. In this study, both qualitative and quantitative data were used. These analyses will not only lead us to compare infertile and fertile women̕s responses and evaluate the consequences of emergent assisted reproduction technology but also to assess its social and emotional impacts.