A computer simulator for ball mill grinding

Yeşilay, Yasemin
Ball mill grinding is an important operation in the processing of most minerals, in that it may be used to produce particles of the required size and shape, to liberate minerals from each other for concentration purposes, and to increase the powder surface area. Grinding of minerals is probably the most energy consuming task and optimization of this operation has vital importance in processing plant operations to achieve the lowest operating costs. Predicting the complete product size distribution, mill specifications and power draw are important parameters of this optimization. In this study, a computer simulation program is developed in MATLAB environment to simulate grinding operations using the kinetic model in which comminution is considered as a process continuous in time. This type of model is commonly and successfully used for tumbling grinding mills having strongly varying residence time as a function of feed rate. The program developed, GRINDSIM, is capable of simulating a ball mill for a specified set of model parameters, estimating grinding kinetic parameters from experimental batch grinding data and calculating continuous open and closed-circuit grinding behavior with mill power input. The user interacts with the program through graphical user interfaces (GUI̕s).
Citation Formats
Y. Yeşilay, “A computer simulator for ball mill grinding,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.