The effects of an attachment-oriented- psychoeducational-group-training on improving the preoccupied attachment styles of university students

Çelik, Şule
The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of an Attachment-Oriented-Psychoeducational-Group-Training on the preoccupied/insecure attachment style of university students. This study consists of two phases. In the first phase of the study, Relationship Scales Questionnaire (RSQ), Relationship Questionnaire (RQ), Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale (RSS), and an Information Form were given to the 755 third year METU students. The differences among the attachment styles (RSQ and RQ) of the participants by gender and self-esteem levels (RSS) were explored by using a 2 (gender) x 2 (high-low self-esteem) factorial MANOVA. Results showed significant self-esteem differences in fearful, preoccupied and secure subscale scores in RQ and RSQ and gender differences in fearful, preoccupied and secure subscale scores of RSQ and RQ. These results indicated that students who had lower self-esteem scored significantly higher in fearful and preoccupied subscales of RSQ while students who had higher self-esteem had statistically significant higher mean scores in secure attachment subscales. No significant differences were found between the insecure/avoidant subscale scores of the high and low self-esteem group students. Results showed that females scored significiantly higher in fearful attachment style of RQ and RSQ. Male students scored significiantly higher in both preoccupied subscales of RQ and RSQ and in secure attachment subscale of RSQ. In the second phase, the Attachment-Oriented-Psychoeducational-Group-Training was implemented to the experimental group of 11 volunteered preoccupied subjects. The control group consisted of 8 preoccupied students. The control group subjects did not receive any training. Both experimental and control groups were given Relationship Scales Questionnaire and Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale at pre-test, post-test and follow up. Non-parametric statistical