Test driven development of embedded systems

İspir, Mustafa
In this thesis, the Test Driven Development method (TDD) is studied for use in developing embedded software. The required framework is written for the development environment Rhapsody. Integration of TDD into a classical development cycle, without necessitating a transition to agile methodologies of software development and required unit test framework to apply TDD to an object oriented embedded software development project with a specific development environment and specific project conditions are done in this thesis. A software tool for unit testing is developed specifically for this purpose, both to support the proposed approach and to illustrate its application. The results show that RhapUnit supplies the required testing functionality for developing embedded software in Rhapsody with TDD. Also, development of RhapUnit is a successful example of the application of TDD.
Citation Formats
M. İspir, “Test driven development of embedded systems,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.