Vibration exposure of front seat car passengers

Erol, Tuğra
Vibration in the vehicle environment has long been investigated considering the driver's exposure. However not only drivers but also the front seat car passengers are exposed to considerable amount of vibration. In order to investigate the phenomenon, this research consisted of three stages. In the first stage of the study, model analysis has been carried out. Based on the results it has been suggested that increased damping in the lumbar area in contact with the backrest can decrease the vibration transmission. The second stage comprised of the laboratory studies. Based on the results attained from the model, waist belts filled with different fluids having different coefficients of viscosity were prepared and tested. The inclination of the backrest angle was chosen as the second parameter. The cushions having ready-made gel mediums were seen to be effective in reducing low frequency vibrations where the angle of inclination affected the response of the cushions. In the third part of the thesis, field measurements were carried out in order to confirm the results attained in the laboratory. It was observed that the inclination of backrest angle played a major role in the exposure of the passenger in fore and aft direction. The cushions proved to be effective at certain frequencies in the field, differing due to the
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T. Erol, “Vibration exposure of front seat car passengers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.