Heat treatment of iron ore agglomerates with microwave energy

Çırpar, Çiğdem
Pelletizing is a size enlargement technique employed to process fine-grained iron-bearing concentrates and powder ores. Mechanical strength of fired pellets is important for handling. When the pellets undergo metallurgical processing, their mechanical strength is a measure of their resistance to degradation by breakage due to impacts and abrasion to which they are exposed in the upper part of the blast furnace. In this study, heat treatment of iron ore agglomerates with microwave energy is investigated. First drying and then heat hardening tests were performed. Two main properties of pellets were taken into consideration: percent moisture and magnetite content for the dried pellets and compressive strength and also magnetite content for the fired pellets. The tests were conducted with different particle sized pellets, in different durations. In order to increase the oxidation rate in heat hardening tests, Na2O2 is also added in different percentages. The results of the study showed that, magnetite pellets can indeed be dried and heated with microwave energy. However, the attained compressive strength and v the oxidation of the fired pellets were not sufficient as compared to pellets produced by conventional heating.
Citation Formats
Ç. Çırpar, “Heat treatment of iron ore agglomerates with microwave energy,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.