Origins, aims and method of basic design courses in industrial design programs in Turkey

Özer, Damla
This study examines basic design courses in industrial design programs in Turkey, in terms of origins, aims and methods. The aim of the study is to inquire the differences and similarities, and to understand factors affecting the characteristics of basic design courses. A field study was conducted about the subject, which comprised of interviews with instructors of basic design courses and chairpersons in six departments offering undergraduate program in industrial design in Turkey. The field study indicated that the aims of the course in different institutions were similar, whereas the origins, methods and the content varied. Of the factors affecting basic design education, student admission procedure, background of students and the faculty that the industrial design department belonged to were found to be important. The differences among course instructors were also found to be as much significant as the institutional differences.


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D. Özer, “Origins, aims and method of basic design courses in industrial design programs in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.