A case study on the submerged berm type coastal defense structures

Özler, Başar
Coastal defense structures are built in order to protect valuable coastal regions from the destructive effects of the waves. Due to the cost of coastal defense structures and the economical potential of the coastal regions, failure of such structures could cause loss of high amounts of investment. Therefore in the design and construction of coastal structures, it is of vital importance to achieve an optimum design which is not neither underdesigned nor overdesigned. In this study, Submerged Berm type coastal defense structures with several different cross-sections were tested for stability under storm conditions. Damage analyses of the different models were carried out to compare the structure characteristics under storm conditions and to obtain the most economical and stable cross-section. For the model studies, 5 different models were constructed by using Van der Meer̕s approach and berm design guidelines. Models were constructed with a model scale of 1:31.08 in the wave flume in the Coastal and Harbor Engineering Laboratory, Civil Engineering Department, METU. The newly designed and optimized berm type structure was proved to be successful and economical.
Citation Formats
B. Özler, “A case study on the submerged berm type coastal defense structures,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.