A computational model of memory processes in the expectation-violation effect

Özyörük, Nilüfer
This thesis focuses on modeling Expectation-Violation Effect, which is the superior recall of weakly associated pairs of words over strongly associated pairs. The goal of this thesis is to provide an exploratory computational model. A virtual experiment is conducted based on the datasets used in the psychological experiment by Amster et al. (1992). The computational modeling of this phenomenon is carried in the medium of ACT-R cognitive architecture.


Testing a model of psychological inflexibility, ruminative thinking, worry and self-compassion in relation to college adjustment
Aydın, Yasin; Güneri, Oya; Department of Educational Sciences (2016)
This study aimed to investigate psychological inflexibility, ruminative thinking, worry and self-compassion, in relation to college adjustment within an interactional model by using structural equation modeling. The sample of the study consisted of 657 (486 females, 171 males) first year college students at a public university in western Turkey. The data intruments of the study were Demographic Information Form, University Life Scale (ULS; Aladağ, Kağnıcı, Tuna, & Tezer, 2003), Acceptance and Action Questio...
The Distinctive Associations of Interpersonal Problems with Personality Beliefs Within the Framework of Cognitive Theory of Personality Disorders
Akyunus, Miray; Gençöz, Tülin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-03-01)
The aim of this study was to explore the relationship between interpersonal problems and dysfunctional beliefs associated with personality disorders, within the framework of cognitive theory of personality disorders. Based on the proposition of cognitive theory, different dimensions of interpersonal problems which were assessed through the coordinates of interpersonal circumplex model were expected to be associated with specific categories of personality beliefs namely, deprecating, inflated, and ambivalent...
TALASLI, U (SAGE Publications, 1993-06-01)
The basic conceptions used in the literature for the explanation of the stereokinetic cone illusion are examined and shown to contain an important flaw which concerns the presumed equivalence of retinal images projected by 2- versus 3-dimensional structures. Upon showing that such equivalence does not prevail, two hypotheses are proposed, pointing out that the illusion must arise from inherent characteristics of the nervous system and their interaction with the stimulus at critical parameters.
Conjoint Use of Regression Analysis and Functional Measurement to Test Models of Combination of Factors Predicting Negative Attitude to Women
Bugay, Asli; Delevi, Rakel; Mullet, Etienne (Editorial Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, 2019-01-01)
The present study was aimed at showing that by conjointly using two techniques that are rarely used in combination - regression analysis and functional measurement, it may be possible to rigorously tests models of combination of factors using data obtained in traditional multi-item/multi-scale surveys. The data used for this demonstration were taken from a large survey (N = 3,235) of Turkish students' attitude to women (ATW). As it included 12 types of predictors (e.g., age, geographic location, score on co...
Interplay of motivational and cognitive strategies in predicting self-efficacy and anxiety
Aydin, Yesim Capa; Kondakçı, Esen; Demirdogen, Betul (Informa UK Limited, 2011-01-01)
The purpose of the present study was to test a model explaining self-efficacy and anxiety by the interrelationships with task value, cognitive strategies (rehearsal, elaboration and organisation) and metacognitive self-regulation in the domain of chemistry. Data were collected from 518 college students in Turkey. Findings of structural equation modelling indicated that chemistry self-efficacy and anxiety were predicted as a function of task value, cognitive strategies and metacognitive self-regulation, supp...
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N. Özyörük, “A computational model of memory processes in the expectation-violation effect,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.