Modeling and control of a stabilization system

Afacan, Kamil
Elevation axis model of a barrel stabilization system is constructed. The nonlinearities which are considered in the model are orifice flow characteristics, coulomb friction, hard-stop limits, kinematics of the system and unbalance on the barrel. A Simulink® model for the servo valve, actuation system and barrel is constructed. Servo valve identification is made via the actual test data. Compressibility of the hydraulic fluid is taken into consideration while modeling the actuation system. Friction model is simulated for different cases. Controller of the system is constructed by two PIDs, one for each of the velocity and the position loops. Velocity feed forward can reduce the time to make a quick move by the system. The disturbance is evaluated from a given road profile and disturbance feed forward is applied to the system.
Citation Formats
K. Afacan, “Modeling and control of a stabilization system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2004.