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Developing a computer program for evaluating uncertainty of some typical dimensional measuring and gauging devices

Çelebioğlu, Hasan Emrah
In dimensional measurements, it is required to specify uncertainty in the measurement as the range of possible deviation for the measurement result. In this thesis, a computer program is developed for evaluating uncertainty inmeasurement of commonly used dimensional measuring devices like vernier callipers, micrometers, comparators, and gauge blocks. In evaluation of the uncertainty in measurement, some uncertainty sourceslike temperature difference between the measured part and the instrument, uncertainty in reference gauge block̕s dimension, mechanical effects, etc. are considered. The program developed, employs the EAL, NIST and GUM uncertainty evaluation equations as standard equations. However, the program can also be used for other measuring instruments and the users can define their own uncertainty equation. In the evaluations, for the standard uncertainty of the variables considered, symmetric distributions are used. The program gives the uncertainty budget and to compare the contribution of each variable on the overall uncertainty of the measurement, the uncertainty effect ratio is also given. In this thesis the evaluation process for uncertainty in measurement, the difference between the measurement error and uncertainty in measurement and the structure of the program are discussed. Also, a set of experiments has been made to illustrate the application of the program for evaluating the measurement uncertainty of vernier callipers with 1/50 and 1/20 resolutions, digital vernier calliper and 25 mm micrometer.