Design of an electromagnetic classifier for spherical targets

Ayar, Mehmet
This thesis applies an electromagnetic feature extraction technique to design electromagnetic target classifiers for conductors, dielectrics and dielectric coated conductors using their natural resonance related late-time scattered responses. Classifier databases contain scattered data at only a few aspects for each candidate target. The targets are dielectric spheres of varying sizes and refractive indices, perfectly conducting spheres varying sizes and dielectric coated conducting spheres of varying refractive indices and thickness in coating. The applied classifier design technique is suitable for real-time target classification because of the computational efficiency of feature extraction and decision making approaches. The Wigner-Ville Distribution (WD) is employed in this study in addition to the Principal Components Analysis (PCA) technique to extract target features mainly from late-time target responses. WD is applied to the back-scattered responses at different aspects. To decrease aspect dependency, feature vectors are extracted from selected late-time portions of the WD outputs that include natural resonance related information. Principal components analysis is also used to fuse the feature vectors and/or late-time target responses extracted from reference aspects of a given target into a single characteristic feature vector for each target to further reduce aspect dependency.
Citation Formats
M. Ayar, “Design of an electromagnetic classifier for spherical targets,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.