Analysis and design of passive microwave and optical devices using the multimode interference technique

Sunay, Ahmet Sertaç
The Multimode Interference (MMI) mechanism is a powerful toool used in the analysis and design of a certain class of optical, microwave and millimeter wave devices. The principles of the MMI method and the self-imaging principle is described. Using this method, NXM MMI couplers, MMI splitter/combiners are analyzed. Computer simulations for illustrating the "Multimode Interference Mechanism" are carried out. The MMI approach is used to analyze overmoded 'rectangular metallic' and 'dielectric slab' type of waveguides and devices. The application of the MMI technique is investigated experimentally by using a metallic waveguide structure operating in the X-band. The construction of the related structure and the related experimental work are reported.