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The job attitude differences among public and private school teachers in Albania

Buka, Migena
In the present study, the attitudinal differences between the public and private school teachers in Albania were investigated. The attitudinal variables were: job satisfaction, job involvement, organizational commitment, and one behavioral intention: turnover intention. Data was gathered from totally 429 teachers working in public (N = 254) and private (N = 175) schools in Albania, in high and secondary schools. Of them, 73% were females (N = 315) and 27% were males (N = 114). The sample mean age was found to be 39 and it varied from 22 to 63 years. Results supported only the hypothesis that stated that the private school teachers are more satisfied with their jobs as compared to their colleagues working in the public sector. Although the hypothesis regarding job involvement and organizational commitment were not supported, it was found that there were significant differences between the teachers working in the public and private schools, with respect to these variables. In the last hypothesis, significant difference was expected for the turnover intention between the public and private sector teachers, however this hypothesis was not supported also. The results are discussed along with the limitations of the study and suggestions for future research.