Safran: a distributed and parallel application development frameworks of hetereogeneous workstations

Gölyeri, Hamza
With the rapid advances in high-speed network technologies and steady decrease in the cost of hardware involved, network of workstation (NOW) environments began to attract attention as competitors against special purpose, high performance parallel processing environments. NOWs attract attention as parallel and distributed computing environments because they provide high scalability in terms of computing capacity and they have much smaller cost/performance ratios with high availability. However, they are harder to program for parallel and distributed applications because of the issues involved due to their loosely coupled nature. Some of the issues to be considered are the heterogeneity in the software and hardware architectures, uncontrolled external loads, network overheads, frequently changing system characteristics like workload on processors and network links, and security of applications and hosts. The general objective of this work is to provide the design and implementation of a JavaTM-based, high performance and flexible platform i.e. a framework that will facilitate development of wide range of parallel and distributed applications on networks of heterogeneous workstations (NOW). Parallel and distributed application developers are provided an infrastructure (consisting of pieces of executable software developed in Java and a Java software library) that allows them to build and run their distributed applications on their heterogeneous NOW without worrying about the issues specific to the NOW environments. The results of the extensive set of experiments conducted have shown that Safran is quite scaleable and responds well to compute intensive parallel and distributed applications.
Citation Formats
H. Gölyeri, “Safran: a distributed and parallel application development frameworks of hetereogeneous workstations,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.