The effects of hierarchy on mobile wireless sensor network coverage

Aslan, Ali Umut
Due to their economic potential and widespread application areas, wireless sensor networks have emerged as an active research topic during the last five years. One of the fundamental challenges in wireless sensor network research is the provision of sufficient coverage while maintaining energy efficiency and longevity under sensor mobility. The purpose of this thesis is to observe the coverage and energy consumption dynamics of a mobile wireless sensor network in a hierarchical architecture. To achieve this goal iv we implemented a simulation environment with flat and hierarchical topologies. Defining performance metrics and network parameters we performed simulations in MATLAB test-bed. With the help of results obtained from simulations and performance metrics̕ relation to networks parameters we investigated the effect of hierarchical organization on mobile wireless sensor network coverage.
Citation Formats
A. U. Aslan, “The effects of hierarchy on mobile wireless sensor network coverage,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.