The moduli of surfaces admitting genus two fibrations over elliptic curves

Karadoğan, Gülay
In this thesis, we study the structure, deformations and the moduli spaces of complex projective surfaces admitting genus two fibrations over elliptic curves. We observe that, a surface admitting a smooth fibration as above is elliptic and we employ results on the moduli of polarized elliptic surfaces, to construct moduli spaces of these smooth fibrations. In the case of nonsmooth fibrations, we relate the moduli spaces to the Hurwitz schemes H(1,X(d),n) of morphisms of degree n from elliptic curves to the modular curve X(d), d=3. Ultimately, we show that the moduli spaces, considered, are fiber spaces over the affine line A¹ with fibers determined by the components of H (1,X(d),n).


Hilbert functions of gorenstein monomial curves
Topaloğlu Mete, Pınar; Arslan, Sefa Feza; Department of Mathematics (2005)
The aim of this thesis is to study the Hilbert function of a one-dimensional Gorenstein local ring of embedding dimension four in the case of monomial curves. We show that the Hilbert function is non-decreasing for some families of Gorenstein monomial curves in affine 4-space. In order to prove this result, under some arithmetic assumptions on generators of the defining ideal, we determine the minimal generators of their tangent cones by using the standard basis and check the Cohen-Macaulayness of them. Lat...
Lifting fibrations on algebraic surfaces to characteristic zero
Kaya, Celalettin; Önsiper, Mustafa Hurşit; Department of Mathematics (2005)
In this thesis, we study the problem of lifting fibrations on surfaces in characteristic p, to characteristic zero. We restrict ourselves mainly to the case of natural fibrations on surfaces with Kodaira dimension -1 or 0. We determine whether such a fibration lifts to characteristic zero. Then, we try to find the smallest ring over which a lifting is possible. Finally,in some favourable cases, we compare the moduli of liftings of the fibration to the moduli of liftings of the surface under consideration.
BASKAL, S; ERIS, A; SATIR, A (1994-12-19)
The symmetries and associated conservation laws of the SO(2,1) invariant non-linear sigma model equations in 1+1 dimensions are investigated. An infinite family of generalized local symmetries is presented and the uniqueness of these solutions is discussed.
Some finite-dimensional backward shift-invariant subspaces in the ball and a related factorization problem
Alpay, D; Kaptanoglu, HT (2000-12-15)
Beurling's theorem characterizes subspaces of the Hardy space invariant under the forward-shift operator in terms of inner functions. In this Note we consider the case where the ball replaces the open unit desk and the reproducing kernel Hilbert space with reproducing kernel 1/(1-Sigma (N)(1) a(j)w(j)*) replaces the Hardy space. We give explicit formulas which generalize Blaschke products in the case of spaces of finite codimension. (C) 2000 Academie des sciences/Editions scientifiques et medicales Elsevier...
Algebraic curves hermitian lattices and hypergeometric functions
Zeytin, Ayberk; Önsiper, Mustafa Hurşit; Department of Mathematics (2011)
The aim of this work is to study the interaction between two classical objects of mathematics: the modular group, and the absolute Galois group. The latter acts on the category of finite index subgroups of the modular group. However, it is a task out of reach do understand this action in this generality. We propose a lattice which parametrizes a certain system of ”geometric” elements in this category. This system is setwise invariant under the Galois action, and there is a hope that one can explicitly under...
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G. Karadoğan, “The moduli of surfaces admitting genus two fibrations over elliptic curves,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2005.