Cutting performance assessment of a medium weight roadheader at Çayırhan coal mine

Keleş, Serhat
In this thesis, in-situ instantaneous cutting rates of boom type, medium-weight milling type roadheaders (Mk-2B) at Çayırhan Coal Mine are determined by studying previous performance tests and carrying out additional underground cutting tests. Some rock properties such as uniaxial compressive strength, tensile strength, Cone Indenter hardness, Shore hardness, Schmidt hammer rebound hardness and laboratory cutting specific energies are determined by laboratory tests for the rock and coal types encountered in the drivage of roadways. The relations between the instantaneous cutting rates and the above rock characteristics and the laboratory cutting specific energies are established. The results show that instantaneous cutting rates can be best predicted using laboratory cutting specific energy which provides the highest correlation (R2 = 0.8411) as compared to other rock properties. The model developed for the medium-weight machine to predict instantaneous cutting rate is compared with those developed earlier for the light-weight and heavy-weight machines. It is determined that improvements in cutting performance with the medium-weight machines as compared to light-weight machines is achieved for the rocks requiring laboratory cutting specific energy greater than 5 MJ/m3.
Citation Formats
S. Keleş, “Cutting performance assessment of a medium weight roadheader at Çayırhan coal mine,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.