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A model study on the effects of wall stiffness and surcharge on dynamic lateral earth pressures

Çilingir, Ulaş
A model study on laterally braced sheet pile walls retaining cohesionless soil was conducted using 1-g shaking table. Lateral dynamic earth pressures, backfill accelerations and dynamic displacement of walls were measured. Input accelerations were kept between 0.03g to 0.27g. A data acquisition system consisting of dynamic pressure transducers, accelerometers, displacement transducer, signal conditioning board and a data acquisition card compatible with a personal computer was used during the study. Three different walls with thicknesses of 6.6, 3.2 and 2.0 mm were used in order to investigate the effects of changing wall stiffness value on lateral seismic pressures developed on the wall. In addition to that, steel blocks were placed on top of the backfill in order to simulate a surcharge effect of 1.57 kPa to 3.14 kPa during shaking. Amplification of input acceleration, incremental seismic lateral thrusts and corresponding maximum dynamic pressures, application point of the resultant, effect of stiffness and surcharge on maximum seismic lateral thrust and dynamic wall deflections were calculated by processing raw data stored. The results were compared to previous model studies and some analytical methods available.