A layerwise approach to modeling piezolaminated plates

Ertürk, Cevher Levent
In this thesis, optimal placement of adhesively bonded piezoelectric patches on laminated plates and the determination of geometry of the bonding area to maximize actuation effect are studied. A new finite element model, in which each layer is considered to be a separate plate, is developed. The adhesive layer is modeled as a distributed spring system. In this way, relative transverse normal and shear motion of the layers are allowed. Effect of delamination on the adhesive layer stresses is also studied and investigated through several case studies. Optimization problems, having single and multiple objectives, are investigated for both actuator placement and selective bonding examples. In these case studies, 2D and 3D Pareto fronts are also obtained. ءHide and Seek Simulated Annealing̕ method is adapted for discrete problems and used as the optimization technique for single-objective problems. Finally, Multiple Cooling Multi Objective Simulated Annealing optimization algorithm is adapted and used in multi-objective optimization case studies.
Citation Formats
C. L. Ertürk, “A layerwise approach to modeling piezolaminated plates,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2005.