Lokman : a medical ontology based topical web crawler

Kyışoğlu, Altuğ
Use of ontology is an approach to overcome the أsearch-on-the-netؤ problem. An ontology based web information retrieval system requires a topical web crawler to construct a high quality document collection. This thesis focuses on implementing a topical web crawler with medical domain ontology in order to find out the advantages of ontological information in web crawling. Crawler is implemented with Best-First search algorithm. Design of the crawler is optimized to UMLS ontology. Crawler is tested with Harvest Rate and Target Recall Metrics and compared to a non-ontology based Best-First Crawler. Performed test results proved that ontology use in crawler URL selection algorithm improved the crawler performance by 76%.


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A. Kyışoğlu, “Lokman : a medical ontology based topical web crawler,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.