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Case based decision support system for bıd markup estımatıon on international constructıon projects at the tender stage

Gür, Ahmet Kemal
Subsequent to preparation of a valid base estimate for a construction project tender, it is required to add a bid markup on top of the base estimate. While an exaggerated bid markup weakens the competitiveness of the contractor, an underestimated one makes the contractor susceptible to financial losses. Therefore, an effective and reliable bid markup estimation method is indispensable to the success of a contractor both at the tender and the performance stages. The prevalent practice among contractors is to identify a certain percentage to add on the base estimate relying on their judgment without substantial ex! plicit support. In this thesis, a case based decision support system, which will count on the experience of the top experts of Turkish international contractors, will be constructed. Meanwhile, factors which are essential to bid markup estimation are to be identified.