Representation of gecekondu in mainstream print media: from housing question to varoş

Kalaylıoğlu, Mahir
This study examines the dominant representations of gecekondu in the mainstream print media and the changes in these representations in a historical context from the end of 1940s, when gecekondu made its first remarkable appearance, to the late ء90s̕. How gecekondu phenomenon, which, in its historical development, has become institutionalized as one of the basic housing supply forms in the cities ا or ءgecekondu question̕ as defined in the academic discourse and media ا is represented and in which contexts it is handled and presented in the print media texts are examined by a textual analysis of the news and articles broadcasted in the mainstream newspapers. The changes in the dominant media representations of gecekondu are illustrated with a documentary approach. The urbanization experience of Turkey is evaluated in terms of the gecekonduzation in order to locate different representations of gecekondu and the turning points in the way of approach of the media to this phenomenon in their historical and social context.
Citation Formats
M. Kalaylıoğlu, “Representation of gecekondu in mainstream print media: from housing question to varoş,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.