Experimental study of solid propellant combustion instability

Çekiç, Ayça
In this study, experimental investigation of solid propellant combustion instability using an end burning T-Burner setup is performed. For this purpose, a T-Burner setup is designed, analyzed, constructed and tested with all its sub components. T-Burner setup constructed is mainly composed of a base part, a control panel and the T-Burner itself. Combustion chamber, pressure stabilization mechanism, pressurization system, measurement instruments and data acquisition systems form the T-Burner. Pressure stabilization mechanism is utilized in two different alternatives, first of which is by the use of nitrogen gas and a small surge tank with a cavitating venturi. This is a brand new approach for this kind of system. The second alternative is the use of a choked nozzle for pressure stabilization. Resonance frequencies of the system with the two different pressure stabilization mechanisms are experimentally evaluated. Helmholtz frequency of the T-burner constructed is calculated and no Helmholtz instability is observed in the system. Constructed T-Burner setup is operated for a specific solid propellant. System worked successfully and pressure data are obtained. Pressure data revealed oscillatory behaviour. Decay and growth rates of pressure oscillations are used for the calculation of pressure response of the propellant tested. By the use of this T-Burner comparison of the behavior of different propellants can be performed. It can be used as a test device for measuring quantitatively the response of a burning propellant to unsteady motions.
Citation Formats
A. Çekiç, “Experimental study of solid propellant combustion instability,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2005.