Structural analysis of historic aspendos theatre

Boz, Berk
Aspendos Theatre still stands in fairly good condition although it has been constructed about 2200 years ago in Serik village of Antalya, Turkey. Aspendos Theatre is one of the most valuable historical buildings in Turkey. The fact that the structure had overcome numerous possible earthquakes during its lifespan in Antalya and located in second degree earthquake zone, makes the subject an interesting research topic. The earthquake analysis of Aspendos Theatre was conducted using أSpecification for Structures to be Built in Disaster Areasؤ code and stress levels are investigated using 3D FE modeling. Also, the resonance state of the theatre under sound induced forces due to concerts and exhibitions performed in the theatre has been examined. Structural identification is performed to obtain certain structural characteristics by comparing experimentally measured and analytically obtained natural frequencies. The analytical model is constructed using solid members and the analysis is performed by using SAP2000 software. The elastic modulus of conglomerate used as building blocks in the Theatre is taken as 2350 MPa based on the experimental and analytical studies. The compressive and tensile strength of the theatre wall material is taken as 12 MPa and 1.2 MPa, respectively based on the previous studies conducted on conglomerate. When the maximum stress levels under combined effect of response spectrum and dead load analyses are examined, the level of compressive stress is found to be about 60% of the compressive strength. On the other hand, the tensile stresses developing at upper corners and bottom middle parts of the stage wall and mid-height central location of the exterior wall (on the vicinity of the front door) are calculated to be about 6.6 MPa, which are more than the assumed tensile strength. It has also been calculated that the level of sound that generates
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B. Boz, “Structural analysis of historic aspendos theatre,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2006.