Leo satellites: attitude determination and control components; some linear attitude control techniques

Kaplan, Ceren
In this thesis, application of linear control methods to control the attitude of a Low-Earth Orbit satellite is studied. Attitude control subsystem is first introduced by explaining attitude determination and control components in detail. Satellite dynamic equations are derived and linearized for controller design. Linear controller and linear quadratic regulator are chosen as controllers for attitude control. The actuators used for control are reaction wheels and magnetic torquers. MATLAB-SIMULINK program is used in order to simulate satellite dynamical model (actual nonlinear model) and controller model. In simulations, the satellite parameters are selected to be similar to the actual BILSAT-1 satellite parameters. In conclusion, simulations obtained from different linear control methods are compared within themselves and with nonlinear control methods, at the same time with that obtained from BILSAT-1 satellite log data.