H₂/H∞ mixed robust controller synthesis for a fin actuation system

Ölçer, Tuncay Uğurlu
In fin actuation systems, the performance of classical linear control systems is not satisfactory due to uncertainty of the system parameters and disturbances of the working medium. For this reason, sliding mode, H2 or H∞ robust controllers are widely used in literature for such systems. However, use of such controllers results in very conservative system responses. Based on this fact, in this thesis, development of a more effective robust controller is aimed via integration of the optimum properties of the existent pure H2 and H∞ type robust controllers. To achieve this, during the controller synthesizing procedure, some of the optimization parameters are weighted according to H2 norm minimization, and parameter uncertainties and other variables are weighted according to H∞ theorem. First, the system set up to be controlled is physically constructed and performed system identification processes. Then, two different types of robust controllers H2 and H∞ controllers are designed and tested over both the real system and simulation. Finally an H2/H∞ mixed type controller synthesized and the results are compared with the outputs of the robust controllers of the previous step.
Citation Formats
T. U. Ölçer, “H₂/H∞ mixed robust controller synthesis for a fin actuation system,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2013.